we have been working in the ICT market for over 30 years ...

Our mission has always been to design and deploy systems with the aim of

  • digitalizing italian local public service and optimizing its action with the most modern e-government tools
  • making street lighting schemes efficient both in energy consumption and management
  • appliyng smart technologies to public service
  • optimizing machine-to-machine data communication in the energy, gas and water distribution networks

We have executed it with the release of our technology platforms hyperSIC, Luminibus, APYLink and M3-S widely used and appreciated both in Italy and abroad by many Local Authorities, Utilities and Global Service companies.

The value proposition is the deep experience and knowledge of the individual markets and technologies that enables apsystems to transform its role as a provider into an experienced partner able to deal with digitization and efficiency processes  of its customers with confidence and assertiveness.