The modems that have made the GSM/GPRS M2M communication history

The modems that have made the GSM/GPRS M2M communication history

For over a decade APSystems has been a leading provider of GSM/GPRS modems, specifically developed for the AMR/AMM and Remote Control Systems (SCADA) market.

The DM530 product series is the latest evolution of the APYlink communication devices family, taking advantage from the previous ST310 and AT420 product series, which are well known on the AMR market for their reliability and for being specifically developed for high level metering applications. Up to the present more than 600.000 units of these modems have been successfully put on field.

The main technical advantages of DM530 can be summarize as follows:

  • Increased features, thanks to its ARM9 processor: the complete application firmware is embedded in the engine
  • Selective Download Over The Air (DOTA): it is not always necessary to download the full firmware but only a part of it can be replaced
  • Incoming data calls filter and security
  • embedded TCP/IP protocol
  • Fully remote maintainable, also with Remote Device Management Services (RDMS) available;
  • SNMP and telnet maintenance protocol integrated
  • Increased reliability and temperature range
  • INSIM ready (optional)
  • Full technical compatibility with previous communication modules: you can substitute the APYlink AT420 modems with the new DM530 and no system adaptation is required;
  • Completely equipped with Omni directional removable antenna, cables and installation accessories
  • Extreme working temperature range: -35°C to +75°C (Relative Humidity < 90%)
  • environmental protection certification: IP54 protection class
  • case material certification: UL94 self extinguishing material
  • Certified quality:
    • 10 years expected lifetime
    • Failure rate better than 0,35% / year
    • MTBF > 450.000 h (@20°C)
    • FIT < 2.000 (@ 20°C)

Moreover, DM530 takes advantage from AP Systems’ experiences with the most important Italian energy distributors, allowing the highest reliability and cost-effectiveness of the solution.