APKAPPA is the new Maggioli Group's company, born from the merger of A.P.Systems and Studio K.

From January 1st 2018 it will work in the IT markets for local public sector, smart lighting, smart metering and, more generally, for smart city solutions in Italy and abroad.

“We are pleased to have implemented this synthesis that breaks through in the market of the digitization of the Public Sector” declares Mr. Paolo Maggioli CEO of the Maggioli Group and President of APKAPPA “the singularity of APKAPPA lies in the fact that it is able to immediately propose stable and high-level technological and service standards to all its customers as well as a long experience in digitization processes and Smart City solutionsin fact already today its technologies are employed by about 25% of the Italian Municipalities and, indirectly, by more than 50% of the Italian population”.

APKAPPA is a company that has about 200 employees and since the first year of its activity, 2018, counts on achieving a turnover of more than 20 million euros; APKAPPA has its registered office in Milan, field offices in Magenta (Milan) and Reggio Emilia, to which are added the technical-commercial branches of Cagliari, Casoria (Naples), Grassobbio (Bergamo) and Foggia and a R&D center which, together with the holding company Gruppo Maggioli S.p.A., tests and implements the most innovative technologies for the solutions of the future..

Regarding the offer to the local public sector, APKAPPA promotes management systems even based on webapp technologies, digital documents archiving services in accordance with the Agency for Digital Italy (i.e. AgID, the agency of the Italian Presidency of the Counseille of the Ministries) regulations,  services of access and use of the government central electronic payment system, named pagoPA®, as an already active technology partner, cloud computing services through its ISO27001 certified data center and all related technical, training and consulting services.

The offer of APKAPPA in the Smart City technology market based on the APYLink and Luminibus® family systems stays strong, as is the remote control system for public lighting systems that can also integrate the IoT sensors (so-called Internet of Things) for increase the quality and quantity of services to citizens and realize the process of territorial transformation in Smart City. In this market APKAPPA occupies a prominent national and international position for the important projects carried out on behalf of the largest energy distributors, ESCos (i.e. Energy Service Companies) and Global Service companies in Italy, Europe and South America.

APKAPPA works in compliance with the integrated quality management system, already certified ISO9001, ISO14001 and ISO27001, under the guidance of Mr. Angelo Bianchi, CEO, and the vice-presidents Mr. Renzo Bassetto and Mr. Paolo Donati, both already at the top of APSystems and Studio K respectively.


Friday, December 22nd 2017


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