LOGOevolution, the eventful history of our logo ...

In the first two decades of our company life we changed more than once our logo to coincide with periods of significant growth of our professional identity. Indeed, we have essentially applied the aseptic definition of the word logo:

s.m. [logo-+type, logotype]. 1) In typography, a group of two or more letters or words, merged to form a single graphic sign or perceived as such. It is also called ligation.

2) In the language of advertising, letter or group of letters in particular graphic form and easy recognition that identifies a company or entity, often abbreviated as logo. (source: sapere.it)


APSlogo1986A.P. Systems is founded by computer technicians engaged fully on the core business: it was natural solving the riddle of representing their business (logo) by writing on a squared paper the company name ...

A.P. Systems acquires a competitor, UrbeDuemila, and to give greater visibility to this event, the acquired company logo is added to the original one, obtaining this result:APSlogo1995


APSlogo2000a.p.systems gets its first ISO certification, at that time only 9000: its logo is reworked by choosing a more modern and representative layout of its name. A cockade is added, to represent the quality certification and a visual effect of shading by eliminating the "squared paper".


A.P. Systems opens a new technical department skilled in telecommunications applied to IT systems: the Mobile Information Technology dpt (MIT) which allows the company to be the prime contractor of large projects of telemetry and fleet management in Italy and abroad. To establish this new corporate commitment that is joined to the traditional one, a small but significant symbol is added to the logo:APSlogo2001


A.P. Systems begins a process of redesign of its logo and its image eliminating no more necessary parts: the MIT division (mobile information technology) is now an operational reality rooted in the DNA of business and no longer needs to be highlighted separately. In fact, even in this market, with its M2M solutions and fleet management of vehicles a.p.systems has conquered a respectable position. You will then arrive at a more simplified version of its logo, removing the evidence of MIT and reinforcing the concept that it is a company united and unique.APSlogo2002


A.P. Systems celebrates 20 years of business: it has no more even need to keep the brand acquired in 1995 with UrbeDuemila. The company is known in the Italian and foreign markets only for its own name. To celebrate its birthday and honor the important international fame a zero was placed before a stylized world the to compose the number 20: for the whole year APS was presented with this logo. Here it is, the commemorative logo:APSlogo2006


Once the two-decades-celebration was over, the commemorative logo was dismissed.
A.P. Systems is now seen as an established working group and consists of hundreds of experts in their field of activity, the turnover begins to identify APS among the top rankings of industry experts and among the top 150 ICT companies of over 112,000 in Italy, its experience is appreciated in important work tables where technologies and solutions are analyzed, discussed and choices for key sectors of our country.
Therefore a.p.systems decided to underline this result by wearing a new precious and elegant dress, the kind that you put on special occasions with the difference that to a.p.systems is always a special occasion!

Here's our dress, which is now officially our logoAPSlogo2007


The blue symbol represents our acronym, APS: the blue lines represent an A and a P while the interior white an S. This acronym is used as the "S" in the entire version of the logo.


and here also our slogan: an ICT company ...
... because, after all these twenty years, and for those to come we do not intend to deal with something different!!!