preventive maintenance

preventive maintenance

Luminibus collects, directly from each lamp post, data about plant operation every day, even several times a day. These information are a valuable contribution to organize preventive maintenance actions avoiding failures or disruptions before they happen.

Some of these information help in identifying lamp posts in critical conditions, check the working status of other near lamp posts and plan interventions on this basis.

This approach highly increases the possibility of intervene before the service is interrupted and run maintenance of any other lamp posts nearby in the same technical intervention.

Then the plant manager can easily prevent the recurrence of interventions on the same place in the near future and the costs that this entails.

The plant manager can prevent the recurrent interventions on the same place in short times and this helps in reducing intervention costs.

Furthermore the plant manager can save costs for doing the rounds, switching on the lamps during the day and other similar tricks which can help in testing the lamp post on its site. Luminibus can test the lamp post at any time via the ICT infrastructure, at no further cost.