Luminibus improves the service for the citizen

Luminibus improves the service for the citizen

The remote management constantly retrieves information from lamp posts that are used and shown in a statistical view to be analyzed the lamp posts operational data and this is why it can notify the manager critical situations and suggest interventions.

The remote management constantly gathers information about lamp posts  which are then used to analyze the state of service and health system on a statistic base.

From these information it is often possible to identify critical situations before the fault occurs and consequently before the lamp post stops working.

Logically, after having identified a bad-working lamp post, you can check the status of the adjacent ones to detect other critical situation and plan a single maintenance operation to fix them all at once.

This way of governing the system increases the availability of the service and with it the safety: the citizens will not be forced to report faults because, thanks to Luminibus, the street lighting manager can act before the faulty event happens or immediately schedule a fixing action of a failure caused by acts of God or third parties.

In addition, this method of system government involves large savings in terms of fuel consumption, maintenance and CO2 emissions, and this for the citizen may result in a reduction in the levy tax.