M3-SCS, the Smart City Software platform that is a complete could solution by which you can remotely manage and monitor any single streetlamp and any single smart sensors. It is a multi-tenant and multi-service solution.

M3-SCS is the application platform that allows insiders, administrators and citizens to interact, according with to their role, with the street lighting system and the smart city services.

M3C-SCS produces information and delivers it to any single streetlamp and / or  smart city device so that they can adapt their behavior to the requests or, viceversa, provide themselves information to the citizen or the SCS itself. 

Conversely M3-SCS retrieves data from street lighting and sensors distributed in the area (so-called Internet of Things) and react in real time if necessary according to their content; for instance, it can provide the service of car park booking in response to the request of a citizen or warn the street lighting manager about a critical situation related to one or more lamps or monitored sites, i.e., for air quality or flooding or similar.

M3C-SCS aggregates and also uses this information to be supportive in various management activities related to street lighting: performance monitoring, operational monitoring up to the accurate and timely

remote management of street lighting and smart city services.

M3-SCS is available in the cloud: it is accessible from any device, including smartphones and tablets from anywhere in the world, that allows navigation on the Internet with the most common browsers.

M3-SCS  interacts with other components of LUMINIBUS: concentrators M3C-CB200, the nodes M3-PLN/5-Lx and smart city/wireless sensors network devices that transform the lighting system in a data communication network in mixed technology (PLC and public wireless networks) for remote management and smart city.