devices for point-to-point remote management of LED and discharge lamps


M3PLN/5-Lx, a family of more efficient devices for enabling streetlamps (with LED or discharge lamps) to communicate via different networks (PLC and public wireless networfìk) with the central software.  They can receive instructions about their behaviours (luminous profile) or could be asked to send their operational data; they can also send data retrieved by smart sensors closed or linked to them.

The M3-PLN/5-Lx nodes serie allows point-to-point remote management  of LED streetlamps with power up to 150W. Used in a remote managing system, M3-PLN/5-Lx transforms a single streetlamp into a network node able to switch on/off, dim the lamp and communicate to a the control room its operating  status, its own diagnostic values, its own consumptions and electrical measurements.  The streetlamp equipped with M3-PLN/5-Lx operates according to the provided luminous plan; it can operate both applying the pre-set luminous flux (standalone mode)  or by executing instructions received from the control room ,via powerline communication (PLC),  through the concentrator unit installed in the electrical panel. Data communicartion among M3-PLN/5-Lx nodes and the M3-CB40 concentrators serie is performed via PLC mode using the Meters&More standard open protocol.

The use of open communication protocols in a street lighting remote management system, ensures not only high reliability and operating continuity over time but also the maximum expandability towards “smart city” and “smart metering” applications (i.e. electric, gas and water meters metering systems).

M3-PLN/5-Lx is available as IP67 version to be installed in the pole base and as IP20 version to be installed inside the streetlamp fixtures.