APSmktshare470x260For over 25 years has been deploying its own-designed ICT systems for Public Service and Utilities in Italy and abroad.
This effort has brought its technology serving more than 50% of the Italian population through municipalities, utilities, Global Services companies and other territorial service organizations.

The experience in the digitization of the Italian local Public Service is constantly growing and is placed on a catchment area consisting of about 20% of Italian municipalities from 50 to 200,000 inhabitants and, in some cases, with metropolitan dimensions as well as also Italian provinces and regions.

In the M2M market, serves over 90% of the Italian multi-utilities and many other international energy distributors. Over 600,000 are its own-designed devices employed as GPRS/UMTS data communication modems in many AMR/AMM applications.
Its technology is also widely employed abroad, with particular intensity in Spain and Romania, and is attracting the interest of the markets of the areas Australasia, Africa and South America.

In the remote management of public lighting schemes, the deployment of LUMINIBUS - only launched in February 2009 - is strong and on a dynamic expansion.
Currently in Italy are tens of thousands the lampposts remotely managed by LUMINIBUS to which important installations in Brazil, Thailand and Europe are adding.