SIERRA WIRELESS, the integration of wireless CPU
Since 2003 apsystems has benefited from the support of the French giant Wavecom, the leading global manufacturer of wireless technology for integration in automotive, machine-to-machine (M2M) and mobile professional applications. Since then apsystems has integrated wireless communication chipset and then also the Wavecom Wireless CPU for the construction of the line products APYLink ®. The professional synergy that took shape between the two companies has yielded results and extraordinary applications such as to be taken up also by the press at the international level. In 2009 Wavecom was acquired by the American manufacturer of wireless modems Sierra Wireless, but the association with apsystems R&D team had continuity thanks to the high technology of its products. Today apsystems actively cooperates with the R&D staff of Sierra Wireless Inc

STMicroloectronics, the apsystems R&D team joins the STM development center of SPEAr ©
With this great worldwide manufacturer of electronic components apsystems has established a technical collaboration on their SPEAr© product to integrate it into the latest generation of APYLInk® data communication concentrators . For to this, STM has granted the R&D team of apsystems to become part of the development center for the SPEAr© Wireless CPU project.

ARIONLINE, experience and expertise in Sardinia
Arionline, headquartered in Cagliari, operates in the field of local government throughout the region of Sardinia. The over ten-year technical-commercial partnership is based on technology that Arionline sells, releases and enriches with a wide range of customized support services for its customers.

LAND, digital stamp for digital document securing
Since June 2010 LAND and had made available the integration of SECUREPAPERTM - the LAND digital stamp technology which ensures digital documents not being counterfeit - into the web-native software suite hyperSIC® for Public Service organizations. Both LAND and APS have provided high level technology solutions and the result is amazing: the Italian Local Public Service has a web-based management system, dynamically interactive with electronic certified email and digital signature and with the opportunity to offer to its users (citizens, companies and other entities) securised documents, legally valid even when played on paper.