different technology platforms for different aims

The systems developed by apsystems are dedicated to operators of public lighting schemes,  local public service, companies of distribution of electricity, water and gas.

luminibusBannerFor the operators of public lighting schemes energy efficiency, precision diagnostics, customized lighting profiles configuration and preventive maintenance are becoming increasingly important  as they allow a dramatic reduction in operating costs and energy consumption. For this sector apsystems has perfected LUMINIBUS, the most advanced remote control system currently available on the market that is able not only to make the scheme widely efficient both for consumption and expenditure, but to transform it into infrastructure for deploying smart city services.


pinnaBannerThe distribution companies of energy, water and gas increasingly use remote metering management system (AMR/AMM) for consumption measurement, diagnosis, operation status and planning of maintenance. All this with the aim of optimizing the process of billing and prolong the service continuity. In this context,  the data communication devices of the APYLink family are widely used since they are able to connect the meters to a control center via public wireless and satellite networks and allow the exchange of data.



Since a while the Italian Local public service has been under law restructuration towards its complete digitization; from a regulatory perspective many interventions have been released to speed up this process with the common goal to improve and speed up the service to the citizen and to the company and at the same time reduce public spending. hyperSIC, the web-native software suite for Local Public Service, was designed in total sharing of these objectives by allowing processes government and management of the acts in a total digital way and enabling to integrate with extreme rapidity new tools and methods.